5 Ways to Improve Your Fantasy League

Do you feel like your season-long fantasy sports experience can be improved? Lack of engagement from league members and a flawed system are common league pitfalls that can be easily avoided. Here are 5 Ways to Improve Your Fantasy League.

1. Auction Draft Instead of Snake

If we were playing cards, auction drafts would be No Limit Texas Hold ’em and snake drafts would be Go Fish. Tell me if this sounds familiar – you hope to get a relatively high pick, go through the motions filling out your lineup, and wait to get 2-3 sleepers that you wrote down. Depending on the selection of players for a particular season, someone in the draft (usually the person going first or last) will have an inherent advantage.

It’s time to take yourself more seriously and switch to the better option. An auction draft is inarguably fairer – everyone starts with the same budget and has an equal chance of getting any player they want. Popular sleeper picks can easily become overvalued while solid contributors might fall under the radar. There will be no more tuning out while other people pick players – every pick is important and you’ll be engaged to make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to get extra value.

2. Collect Entry Fees Online

Collecting entry fees is a ritual that all fantasy leagues engage in, but most people don’t do it very well. Most of the time, we’re playing with friends and family members and it feels a little weird constantly reminding them to Venmo us $100. When playing with strangers online, it gets worse – sending someone money on PayPal with no guarantee of seeing it again certainly doesn’t feel good. With these issues in mind, it’s helpful to consider using a fund management system dedicated to collecting entry fees for your fantasy sports leagues. All players would rather focus on keeper designations instead of other league members’ entry fee payments.

3. Allow Three Team Trades

Trades are a great part of every fantasy sports league, but sometimes two managers just can’t find the right deal. By simply taking advantage of a league’s message board, managers should be able to make three (or more) team trades and just have the commissioner manually move the players between the teams as agreed upon. This simple change should help your league see not only more trades, but greater engagement and interaction amongst all league members.

4. Punish Last Place Finishers

We see it every year – a couple league members blow their drafts or have top players taken out by injury and are taken out of serious contention before the first month of the season is over. They then stop setting their lineups or making any roster moves, and before long simply disappear from the league for the year. This hurts other managers in both roto and head to head leagues. An inactive manager affects the rest of the league by causing inaccurate records – the categories they punt in roto leagues can affect the league winners and whoever is lucky enough to play them at the end of the season in head to head leagues can get an easy playoff entry.

By putting rules in place to punish league members who finish last, managers who are out of championship contention will still be incentivized to keep trying the whole season. The punishment can be something harmless like having their team name changed next year or a serious penalty, such as a monetary fine paid to the league or being removed from the league for a season.

5. Establish a Free Agency Acquisition Budget

The people who set up ESPN news alerts and don’t ever have anything important to do shouldn’t be rewarded with the best pickups whenever an injury occurs. Switch your league’s waiver system to a rolling waivers system, where managers have to place blind bids on free agents that they wish to get and the system refreshes on a daily basis. This will help make your league far more competitive, as managers are forced to consider how much of their acquisition budget a certain player is worth and strategize against how much other managers will bid against them.


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